We’re thrilled to announce that Reflect is available for download on the Apple App Store.

Download Reflect on App Store

With this release comes a handful of features that are incredibly useful:


Recording everything is great. Learning from that data is icing on the cake and the Insights feature takes the first step towards this goal. It currently calculates correlation scores between all metrics. Correlations provide a really useful signal when considering which of our metrics might be related.

Correlations can be evaluated between two specific metrics or between one metric and the rest. For example, here is an example relationship between feeling Weary and feeling Driven:


This view of correlations shows how drive measured on one day relates to the weariness measured the day after, the weariness measured on the same day, or the weariness measured on the day before. It’s apparent that weariness and drive are moderately negatively correlated on the same day; in other words, one tends to be less driven on days when one is more weary. There is weaker negative correlation between weariness one day and drive the following day. While not necessarily illustrative of a real causal relationship, this helps raise important questions and provides a starting point for further investigation.

Reflect also supports displaying the top correlations for each metric. Here are the top same-day correlations for being in a Amused mood:


In this view of correlations, all other metrics are sorted by strongest correlation to the selected metric. This is a convenient feature for helping users discover relationships between metrics that they may not have considered before.

CSV Import

So many in the quantified self community have created their own tools for tracking and analyzing data, backed by a store of data like a set of CSV files. Additionally, apps don’t always offer an API to integrate into home brewed solutions (see why Reflect does not offer an API here); CSV export is sometimes the only option. Reflect’s CSV importer tool was created to assist in migrating this data into the app. Here is a tutorial for how to use it.