We are excited to announce that Reflect, an app designed to track anything, is now open for beta testing on iOS through Apple’s TestFlight. You can access Reflect by clicking this link.

We created Reflect because we were looking for a simple way to record, monitor, and understand different aspects of our lives. We are looking forward to further developing it into a powerful tool to discover relationships between recorded variables.

Features of Reflect

Record Anything

Reflect allows you to create custom, user-defined metrics, allowing you to track absolutely anything. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Reflection Page

Create and Share Forms

To record your data, you can create a reflection form with a collection of metrics. For inspiration, we provide a number of sample forms as a starting point, which can be edited or deleted. For example, you might create a form that includes your mood, the amount of exercise you did, and what you ate. Moreover, these forms can be shared with others, making it easier to collaborate in the journey of self-discovery.

Reflect supports various types of metrics including:

  • Numbers: for quantitative data such as hours of sleep, cups of coffee, etc.
  • Strings/Text: for qualitative data like mood, type of activity, etc.
  • Ratings: for providing ratings on a scale with custom bounds, for example, stress level from 1 to 10.
  • Number With Units: for tracking quantities with specific units like milligrams of a supplement.
  • Choices: for mutually exclusive options, like if you worked from home, in the office, or from a friend’s place.
  • Timers: for measuring duration of an activity, like meditation or exercise.

Recording Your Data

With your forms created, you can begin to record your data from the reflection page with just one tap.

Mood Reflection Meditation Reflection Recording Data

Viewing Your History

Your reflection history can be viewed in calendar form and list form, and allows you to edit or delete past reflecitons.

Visualize Metrics Over Time

With Reflect, you can plot and overlay numeric metrics, which helps you understand the relationships between different metrics. For example, this can help answer questions like:

  • “How does my caffeine intake affect my stress levels?”
  • “What is the relationship between the number of hours I study and my grades?”
  • “How does arguing with my partner affect my depression?”
  • “Have I gotten better at submitting my sparring partners in jiu jitsu over time?”
  • “Do I get hungrier if I lift heavy?”
  • “Does being keto reduce my need for sleep?”

Visualize Metrics

Privacy Focused

All the data that is generated stays on your device. You are the owner of your data, and you decide what to do with it.

Low Barrier to Entry

You don’t need to create an account with us to start using Reflect. You can start instantly with one of our sample forms, or by creating your own.

No Lock-In

You are free to leave at any time, and exporting your data is simple.

Future Plans

We are continuously working on Reflect to make it more powerful. Some of the things we want to support include:

  • State-of-the-art algorithms to establish relationships between metrics and bring them to the user’s attention.
  • Encryption to ensure your data is unreadable by anyone except for you.
  • A macOS desktop version of the app with cloud sync across devices.
  • Expanded data import functionality and integrations with other data sources.
  • Conveniences to make recording your data even easier.

We hope that you will find Reflect to be a useful tool in your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.