Reflect has a few new features and improvements that we’re excited to share. Download Reflect on App Store

Free CSV Export

Owning one’s data is one of our core values. Free and simple importing and exporting is one way Reflect supports your ability own and control your data.

For each reflection form, you can export a CSV spreadsheet. For example, your Mood, Meditation, Supplements, and Activities reflections would each have their own CSV. Each metric gets its own column and there is one row for each time you filled out a reflection form.

Offline Timers

Duration timers have been a metric type in Reflect since the beginning, but they were limited; they could only be run while the app was open and the device was not locked. Now, timers can be run while the app is not open or when the device is off. This enables multiple timers to run at the same time. For example, you can have a timer to keep track of your total working time while also having other sub-timers to track the tasks you’re working on.

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to start and pause timers from the Reflection form itself. You no longer need to enter a page specifically for the timer (although that option is still available).

Quick Recording

After using Reflect for long enough, you may find that you have many reflection forms with many metrics. Before, when you realized that you felt Joy and wanted to track that, you'd have to scroll through your forms to find Mood then scroll through its metrics to fill out Joy. Now, it's incredibly easy to accomplish this same task from the homepage. Just search for Joy and provide the rating. The Mood reflection will be marked as in-progress and you may fill out the rest at your convenience.